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The 2014 Update streamlines FBPTA core competencies and expands the recommended curriculum.  Enabling FMI to simplify compliance and place greater emphasis on professional development.

2014 FBPTA Competencies and Program Update

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Read about FMI's industry day held March 11th at the National Facility Management and Technology Conference.

FBPTA Industry Day - NFM&T 2015 Balitimore

Recording of the April 11 program update at the Federal Facilities Council.

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FFC - FBPTA Program Update

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Demonstrating compliance with the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act of 2010
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Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act 2010


FMI is a cloud Institute bringing together government, industry and academia with the goal of integrating, aligning and innovating all aspects of the Facilities Operations and Management profession through continuous collaboration on core competencies, curriculum, continuing education and knowledge networking.     

2014 FBPTA Core Competencies / Program update

The 2014 Update details several of FMI's efforts over the past year.  In particular, FMI's partnership with DOE's Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines effort has helped prioritize and streamline the FBPTA core competencies while extensive partnership with industry has expanded the recommended curriculum.  The Update lays out FMI's plans for 2015 to provide tools that will simplify individual compliance with the Act and place greater emphasis on professional development

New and Updated Courses Open for Public Comment

Please see files for scoring, use the Public Forum "FBPTA Qualifications - Public Comment,"  created for each training provider to comment on scoring. 




We have Upgraded and Migrated! Welcome to Accelerate FM.

Accelerate FM will help you understand the skills required to manage your buildings to a higher level, find the training resources to acquire those skills and periodically assess and refine your professional development priorities. GSA developed the tool to help employees impacted by the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA) find and justify requests for training that meet the requirements of that Act. However, anyone involved in facilities management, energy management, building operations, or other related fields will find this resource useful. Download User Guide and PowerPoint Training Slides here.

Glossary of Terms

Veterans Administration Facilities Management School

The Veterans Administration Facilities Management School (FMS) was created in response to Public Law 111-308:  Federal Building Personnel Training Act of 2010 (FBPTA), which requires agency Facilities Management (FM) personnel to have the necessary competencies to effectively manage Federal buildings.  The FM


Building Operator Certification trains facilities personnel in the interdependent and complex nature of building systems, HVAC, electric, lighting and more, with a broad view of understanding promoting energy efficient operations outcomes. The BOC certificate aligns with Facility Management, Operations, Energy Management and other various roles/performances.