FBPTA Training Resource Review Files

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The Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act requires GSA to identify "qualifications" (i.e. courses, certificates, certifications, professional licenses and registrations, degrees, etc.) which meet the competency requirements defined by the Act.  We provide the attached form to submit proposals for such qualifications for review by FMI.  Those interested in submitting a proposal for review should request the training provider to complete and submit this form.  Instructions for completion are included on the form itself.  Questions and submissions should be directed to AskFMI@gsa.gov.  An email response confirming receipt of proposals will be issued.

In order for us to prioritize scare resources for reviews, GSA has requested agencies to identify their top 1-2 training resources.  We apologize if review and final response are delayed, however, in the interim it is possible for individuals to review specific qualifications with their supervisors and claim credit on a case by case basis.  See our FAQ page, or, consult the Core Competency Web Tool for instructions on how to do this.

Once files have been reviewed and are ready for public comment the FMI Scoring sheet will be posted below this page.  See the "Site Map" at the top and center of this page to navigate to individual files.  Comments will be collected on the FMI Forum page under "Public Comment."  Comments should be posted there, or, emailed to AskFMI@gsa.gov