How are you implementing the FBPTA at your agency?

GSA's Office of High Performance Green Buildings will help agencies meet the requirements of the FBPTA.  We have begun working with a number of individual agencies to use our Core Competency Web Tool to assess personnel qualifications on a pilot basis as well as to explore how they will approach broader implementation.  Participants are providing valuable feedback that will help refine the tool, and, in addition, gain a clearer picture of what the FBPTA means to their agency.  We welcome the opportunity to visit with you and your staff.

We would like to understand and share what agencies are doing going forward.  GSA will be conducting a presentation and listening session through the Workforce Committee of the Federal Facilities Council on April 11th, 2013.  We will discuss the strategy and initial feedback by the Public Buildings Service of GSA and gather input from the Federal community on their strategies, potential approaches to contractor staff, and how to incorporate training that is currently available or in use but not yet addressed in our tool.  In the mean time please feel free to use this forum to discuss your strategies, ask questions, or request assistance.  Your input will help us tailor our project planning and our approach to the April meeting.